Most Expensive Asian Wedding Dress Unveiled

Brides and grooms about to hire the best Asian wedding videographers Manchester has around might want to take a little look at the most expensive white wedding lengha that has ever been produced – which comes with a price tag of £100,000. The outfit, created by celebrity couturist Sati Takhar, weighs over 30kg and is encrusted with diamonds. So valuable is it that during The Asiana Bridal Show in London this month (February) it was stored in a glass box and had its own security guard. It comes with a fully flared skirt, an embroidered strapless corset and a veil that goes around the head and shoulders, part of a collaboration between Mr Takhar and Indian jewellery company Dhir Diamond Jewellers, which provided the gems for the dress. “We’ve created the ultimate fantasy, an outfit that is so exquisite we’re placing it inside a glass box!” Mr Takhar was quoted by the Birmingham Mail as saying. “Not all of our outfits cost £100,000, but when a bride puts on one of our outfits she feels £100,000.” Given how expensive weddings can be, it might be a good idea to look at this dress from afar rather than consider it as a viable option for your ceremony. Certainly, we’d feel quite nervous walking down the aisle with that number of very expensive and very valuable diamonds attached to us – what if one of them fell off? We’d have to get the entire congregation to get down on their hands and knees to help us look for it…

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