I’m camera shy, how would you deal with this?

Most of the time you won’t even notice we’re there but at the times you do we will feel more like friends, because we like to meet and chat with you a fair few times prior to the big day, getting to know you and finding out everything we need to make you feel completely at ease.

What filming styles could you implement for our wedding?

There are many ways we can capture your day. Take a look at some of our sample films or if you have ideas of your own feel free to discuss them with us. We will do our best to accommodate your every need.

Do you only film in Manchester?

No, we have filmed at many locations from Cheshire to London and places in between, even all the way to the Dominican Republic. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

We require a female videographer. Are we able to request this?

Yes, we have a team of videographers with vast amounts of knowledge and experience of capturing weddings of different religions and cultures.

After the wedding, how long is it until we receive our finished film?

We aim to have the trailer completed within six weeks. You can expect the finished film within three to six months depending on peak/off-peak season.

I want to book. What do I do now?

Just give us a call! We will arrange an appointment to meet and have a chat with you. We’ll require you to complete a couple of forms and pay a ten per cent deposit to secure your date, and that’s it. Leave the rest to us to work our magic!

Call Stefan on: 07815 822 495 Or email: /

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